We NOW have a show summary…aptly titled “LAUNDRY LIST”

Laundry List(1)

Welcome back to another great (we hope) episode of Life Under The Laundry Pile! We’re so glad you kept listening to us.

We had a very smart listener give us the great advice to start publishing a rundown of each episode. Thanks for the input…here is Episode 4’s Laundry List




We shared with you a few of our tried and tested road trip tips. And considering between the two of us, we’ve probably logged enough miles to run a minivan into the ground, they’re pretty good tips.

Heather shared these:

  • Make a master packing list
  • Use shoeboxes for kids snacks (we also use the lids to decorate with stickers)
  • Keep the kids shoes up front in a grocery bag. We agreed that keeping those shoes close was handy….case in point? Heather’s story about the flat tire on the interstate in Mississippi.
  • Pack up the night before and load the car. Not only can you possibly deter thieves that might be watching you, there’s no mad rush to get out the door the morning of departure.
  • Know EXACTLY where your spare tire and jack are. Trust me.
  • Suction cup shower caddies are really cool to stick on the window next to the kids to hold crayons, pencils, DSIs. See the idea here!
  • License plate bingo really does work. Here is a great link to some printable versions. Link to printables here
  • Lining a potty with a grocery bag is great for emergencies.
  • Keep a garbage can (you can buy tiny ones at Walmart) and line with grocery bag to toss at every rest stop.

Copper had these brilliant ideas to share:

  • Naptime is key – make sure they have their lovies and pillows
  • Movies! Movies! Movies!
  • Snacks are an absolute necessity.
  • Try and find a hotel with a pool. You will thank me later. It’s a great outlet for kids that have been cooped up in the car.
  • Always be ready for puke. Always. You can find out why on the episode.
  • Don’t drive too long.
  • Cookie sheets
  • Move their seats around – that way they can get a change of scenery
  • Find kid friendly hotels – some even have free dinners, which makes it much easier than making the kids sit down. AGAIN.

And, we shared some funny mom moments – we won’t give them all away here, just know there were LOTS of bodily malfunctions, survival of every day life (we made it through Kindergarten!) and trying to squeeze into Barbie dresses made for a 2 yr old.

You don’t want to miss this episode! And as always, please find us and leave us lots of comments and feedback, those help us tremendously!

Here are the links you can find us at:

Copper’s Blog “Never Drink From Mommy’s Cup”

Heather’s Blog “One Fed Up Mommy”

Our Facebook Page

Heather’s Facebook Page

Copper’s Facebook Page





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